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About CuShield USA &
a little about our Team

From our attempt at comedic commercials, our startup videos that helped us grow, to a behind the scenes look CuShield at work… we want to give our fans and customers a full transparent look at who we are.


We've all been through a lot, but our world and our lives must move forward. With your support, CùShield is here to help make that path safer for all.


Our Story

Our story starts when the world as we know it changed. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic the demand for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) skyrocketed. We saw the struggle to find, use, and dispose of traditional pieces of PPE.
Masks help to address airborne transmission, but are only half of the solution. Transmission by touch/surface contamination remains a significant concern. However, apart from harsh chemicals or intense UV light, the only protection from this threat came in the form of disposable gloves….until now.
We at CuShield saw the need for something better. Something easier to use. Something more environmentally sustainable. Something safer.
Harnessing the anti-microbial properties of Copper, we set out to develop a line of products that could be used in our daily lives. We knew that these products would have to be intuitive to use, easy to carry, reusable, and above all safe.
After extensive development we are proud to present our Every Day Safety (EDS) line of personal protective products.
These are the patent pending CuShield Stylus, CuShield Handkerchief and CuShield Pouch.
We have begun production, but we need your help to continue. Your contribution will help us expand our capabilities so that we can bring CuShield products to the world…giving everyone the tools to conquer what comes next.
We’ve all been through a lot, but our world and our lives must move forward. With your support, CuShield is here to help make that path safer for all.


The Team

The CuShield core team consists of three like-minded innovators.

Founder of CùShieldUSA, and inventor of its flagship products, Douglas McGregor is a career engineer, product developer, and life-long creator. With a background in Chemical Engineering and 20 years in manufacturing with multiple Fortune 500 companies, Douglas has a passion for innovation and bringing new ideas to market.  

Building on her Masters in Business Administration, and background in advertising and marketing, Co-Founder Melanie McGregor was the inspiration for CuShieldUSA. Melanie’s creativity and attention to detail has helped to build the CuShield Brand into what it is today.

Partner Jay King was brought on board when CuShieldUSA was just an idea and just a concept. Jay has helped to shape the organization and brand you see now. With a background as a successful entrepreneur, inventor, innovator and business specialist, Jay, brings his years of experience and expertise to the team.